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It's All About the Light - An Icelandic Road Trip - Part 1

It strikes you the moment you step off the plane at Keflavik Airport.   The remarkable quality of Iceland's light.  Even down south near Reykjavik, there is a milky-soft ambiance in the shadows that make it a favourite for cinematographers and landscape photographers alike. In this photographic tour of Iceland, I quickly realized it was all about the light.

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Guardian Masterclass with David Levene

This weekend I had theopportunity to shoot behind-the-scenes at the Field Day Music Festival at Brockwell Park in South London, as part of a Guardian Newspaper 'masterclass' with award-winning Guardian photographer David Levene.

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Switching to the New Cloud Version Adobe Lightroom CC (2017)

Adobe recently introduced an entirely new cloud-based version of Lightroom CC, its popular photo editing and organization software. In this article, I give my first impressions of Lightroom CC and talk about my experience migrating over from the desktop version of Lightroom Classic.

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