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Looking Back - The Cinematography of Seven

I’ve challenged myself (and my long-suffering wife) to watch/re-watch every film from American Society of Cinematographer’s list of ‘Milestone Films in Cinematography of the 20th Century’. This week we revisited genre defining 'Seven', directed by David Fincher and shot by Darius Khondji. Here are some notes and observations from re-watching this visceral and gripping classic thriller.

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It's All About the Light - An Icelandic Road Trip - Part 1

It strikes you the moment you step off the plane at Keflavik Airport.   The remarkable quality of Iceland's light.  Even down south near Reykjavik, there is a milky-soft ambiance in the shadows that make it a favourite for cinematographers and landscape photographers alike. In this photographic tour of Iceland, I quickly realized it was all about the light.

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