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Looking Back - The Cinematography of JFK

Oliver Stone's controversial 1991 thriller is an example of how visual authenticity can be a powerful and persuasive tool in political narratives. Together with his virtuoso cinematographer Robert Richardson, Stone used a brilliant mixture of historically accurate footage and reconstructed scenes to present an alternative myth about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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Looking Back - The Cinematography of 'Searching for Bobby Fischer'

Though somewhat overlooked when it originally came out in 1993, Searching for Bobby Fischer is a hidden gem of a film featuring stunning cinematography by Conrad Hall. A must-see for anyone interested in photography and cinematography, Searching for Bobby Fischer is a masterclass in lighting and visual storytelling.

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Looking Back - The Cinematography of Seven

I’ve challenged myself (and my long-suffering wife) to watch/re-watch every film from American Society of Cinematographer’s list of ‘Milestone Films in Cinematography of the 20th Century’. This week we revisited genre defining 'Seven', directed by David Fincher and shot by Darius Khondji. Here are some notes and observations from re-watching this visceral and gripping classic thriller.

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