Ouzoud Waterfalls

Man against the falls

'Surely that's dangerous?' I ask as we descend a narrow pathway lining the 110 meter deep canyon, gazing over at the cluster of young men ascending its perilous stone walls. We are carefully making our way down to the basin of Morocco's grand Ouzoud Falls. 'Oh yes, of course', says our guide Ibraham. 'There are two or three fatalities every year from people miss-judging the cliffs, mostly tourists who don't know what they are doing.' One young man pauses at the top, as if having second thoughts. There is only one way down. Finally, after some 15 minutes alternatively approaching, then retreating from the ledge, he launches himself off, striking various poses on the way before perfectly entering the muddy water over a dozen meters below.

The Ouzoud Falls are tucked in the High Atlas mountains, about 150 km North-East of Marrakesh, and form one of Morocco's most spectacular natural attractions.