ABout me

Hello, my name is Mike Best. I have spent much of my career helping organizations solve a familiar problem: how to bridge the gap between their engineering and creative departments.

Sometimes, I meet an outstanding creative team with a brilliant vision of what they want accomplish, but they have found themselves falling deep down a rabbit hole and need a little technical assistance to get out. Or, sometimes, I find myself talking with technologists who have some amazing, innovative ideas but are looking to more effectively communicate them to a wider audience. Often, it’s a little of both: organizations with pools of great talent but find they need someone equally comfortable working both code and design.

I’ve held senior creative and technical roles in the games, VFX, and interactive design industries. Recently, my focus been learning to creating and develop online experiences and web applications.

I am always interested in collaborating with forward looking organisations and developers who want to 'push the boat out' , innovate, and explore what is possible online, especially those that share my values of sustainability, ethical production practices, and the benefits of global collaboration and remote work.

When I’m not in front of my computer, I enjoy pursuing my love of photography, writing, and music.

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